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Integrated landers

In the classic campaign setup scheme, the tracker redirects from the campaign link to the landing page link. This is how most web resources function, but in the case of traffic tracking, the presence of an additional redirect can create the following problems:

- Slow landing page load speed
- Traffic loss
- Inability to replace the landing page if the traffic source does not allow changing the campaign link

Using integrated landing pages can prevent these problems by loading the landing page directly to the tracker server. When the campaign link is opened, the tracker will immediately dynamically load the integrated landing page without losing time on an additional redirect.

Creating an integrated landing page

To add a new integrated landing page to the tracker, you need to do the following:

1. Click the Create button
2. Click No-redirect to set the landing page type as integrated
3. Click Click or Drop to upload landing to upload the integrated landing page. You can upload either the landing page in a .zip archive format, or only the index page (index.html or index.php)
4. Select a group and language for the landing page, if necessary
5. Click Save to save the landing page

The maximum size of an archive with an integrated landing page is 20 Mb

You can use any tokens in your integrated lander code. For example, you can use token {offer_link} to dynamically load your Click URL.